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What is the added value - still unclear


Hello, I come from EE.SE. I just would like to help you to build this site. And I have some observations:

First of all, it is still unclear what is the added value of this site with respect to the well known EE.SE. I see almost exactly the same pattern of question/answer/score/meta and construction (except that EE.SE is more pretty and works well). I think I've understood this site will be more rude concerning the quality of the questions. But you could do exactly the same with an "electronic overflow" site, in the same way there is "math SE" for non professional and "math overflow" for professional mathematicians. So, my opinion is that you have to find the true added value of this site. This may be, after all, a very clever organization in categories, in addition to the quality of the questions.

I suggest also to think out of the box, what EE.SE is unable to do. Olin has already had the excellent idea of a "paper" category. In a different direction, I suggest the consideration of a new type of questions that I have called "technology/component inquiry". Essentially, this only demand the creation of a tag, not a new category. I've posted my complete view on the subject at meta EE.SE. This can be read here. I'm not sure I will post a lot of questions here (I'm not a professional), but I wish you good luck.

EDIT: Oh I forgot an important thing. The famous physics forum has an organization into levels (undergraduate, graduate etc). You may dislike that, but I can tell you that this works very well, and simplifies enormously the management of the site by the moderators. Think about that (e.g. at least 2 levels: "non-professional level", "professional level"). This does not contradict the question quality requirement.

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This site grew out of frustration with how SE was managing their sites, seemed to value clicks over quality, and lost appreciation for those providing the content that the clicks came to get.

This site is not run by a for-profit corporation. There is no danger that investors will get restless and demand short term profits over long term health.

We intend this site to be a place where the experts that provide the content continue to feel welcome and have a say in how the site is run. With the experts here to answer questions, the clicks will eventually come.

What we need now is to get the word out. Please encourage anyone you know that might have an electronics question to ask here. We need to get the volume up to achieve critical mass.


If this is the added value, it may be a good idea to write that in big characters at the entry of the site. For example, duckduckgo is a search engine site that does not track you (among other things) and they write that everywhere (otherwise, why using them and not google). You hope that the experts will come here, and then the clicks. But a bit of strategy may help too. People understand and like the idea of "free world", and they are ready to pay a price for that. coquelicot‭ 5 months ago

Wikipedia writes everywhere that this is a non profit, free organization. And so do many "free world" sites. I suggest to explain in few words that "this is a non profit organization (and will always remain so), managed by highly qualified volunteers and experts, in order to ensure a content of high quality in both the questions and answers." coquelicot‭ 5 months ago

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