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Tags used in Papers

voltage × 32
opamp × 22

opamps operational-amplifier operational-amplifiers op-amp op-amps

Anything related to operational amplifiers (a.k.a. as op-amps or opamps). Opamps are linear amplifiers with very large ...

microcontroller × 18

microcontrollers MCU micro-controller-unit micro-controller-units microcontroller-unit microcontroller-units

Anything about microcontrollers, a.k.a. MCUs (Micro Controller Units). A microcontroller is a complex integrated circuit ...


IGFET insulated-gate-FET insulated-gate-field-effect-transistor

Anything related to MOSFETs (a.k.a. IGFETs) semiconductor devices, a particular type of field effect transistor. They ...

capacitor × 18

capacitors condenser condensers

Anything related to capacitors (also known in the past as condensers). A capacitor is a 2-terminal passive electrical ...

current × 16
transistor × 15


Anything related to transistors, a broad category of active electronic components based on semiconductors (they are ...

RF × 13

radio-frequency radio-frequencies

Anything related to radio frequency (RF) circuits and techniques. Here we consider RF the range of frequencies from about ...

circuit-analysis × 13

Anything about circuit analysis, that is the set of techniques that can be used to infer the operation of a circuit from ...

PCB × 13

Anything related to PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). A PCB is a slab of (usually rigid) insulating material on which ...

power-supply × 10


Anything related to power-supplies. A power supply is a circuit or a device whose purpose is to provide a continuous ...

pcb-layout × 12
inductor × 12


Anything related to inductors. Inductors are passive electrical components that exploit the properties of magnetic fields ...

BJT × 11

bipolar-junction-transistor bipolar-transistor bipolar-junction-transistors bipolar-transistors

Anything related to BJTs (Bipolar Junction Transistors). A BJT is an active electronic component based on semiconductors ...

transformer × 11

electrical-transformer electrical-transformers transformers

Anything related to transformers. A transformer is a set of (at least two) tightly-coupled inductors. The tight coupling ...

filter × 11


Anything about filters, i.e. linear circuits whose purpose is to limit or shape the spectrum of a signal. This tag is ...

semiconductor-diode × 8

Anything related to semiconductor diodes. Semiconductor diodes is a category of 2-terminals non-linear semiconductor ...

EMC × 7

electro-magnetic-compatibility electromagnetic-compatibility EM-compatibility

oscillator × 8


Anything related to oscillator circuits. Oscillators are circuits designed to produce periodic signals with specific ...

battery × 8


Anything related to batteries. A battery is a particular type of DC voltage generator whose behavior is based on ...

frequency × 7
antenna × 7

aerial antennas aerials

Anything related to antennas. An antenna is a reversible electromagnetic transducer, i.e. a device that is able to ...

DC × 7
SPI × 3

serial-peripheral-interface MISO

Anything about the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) standard hardware interface and its protocols. SPI is a high-speed ...

LED-driver × 7

LED-drivers LED-driver-circuit LED-driver-circuits

Anything about LED driver circuits, i.e. circuits designed to provide light emitting diodes (LEDs) the appropriate power ...

circuit-design × 7

Anything about circuit design, that is the set of techniques that can be used to design a circuit in order to solve a ...

differential-amplifier × 7

differential-amplifiers diff-amp diff-amps diffamp diffamps differential-amp differential-amps

Anything about differential amplifiers. A differential amplifier is an amplifier designed to amplify the difference ...

protection × 6
current-source × 6


Anything related to current source circuits, i.e. circuits whose output is a current which is either constant or whose ...

ADC × 7

analog-to-digital-converter analog-to-digital-converters analog-digital-converter analog-digital-converters

Anything related to ADCs (Analog to Digital Converters), electronic devices that can convert an analog signal in digital ...

IC × 6

integrated-circuit integrated-circuits

Anything about integrated circuits (ICs) design, fabrication and testing. An integrated circuit is a circuit made of ...

EMI × 7

electro-magnetic-interference electromagnetic-interference EM-interference

transfer-function × 6


communication × 6

communications telecommunication telecommunications transmission transmissions

Anything about telecommunications, the field of electrical engineering concerned with the theory and technology of ...

CAN-bus × 5
AC × 6
voltage-regulator × 5

voltage-regulators voltage-stabilizer voltage-stabilizers

Anything related to voltage regulator circuits, both discrete and integrated. A voltage regulator is a circuit whose ...

power × 6
identification × 6

part-identification component-identification device-identification

This tag is for questions asking to identify components, devices or parts of a system. It can also be used to identify ...

safety × 6

Anything related to safety in designing, operating, deploying and maintaining electrical systems and electronic circuits. ...

SMPS × 6

switch-mode-power-supply switching-power-supply

Anything about switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) , also called simply switching power supplies. An SMPS is a power supply ...

ripple × 5

ripple-voltage ripple-current

Anything about ripple in power supplies and the techniques to reduce its magnitude or its influence on the powered ...

capacitance × 6


Anything about electrical capacitance, i.e. the electrical parameter that relates charges on conductors with the voltage ...

amplifier × 6


Anything related to amplifiers, i.e. devices used to increase the amplitude or the power of signals.

grounding × 6
audio × 5

Anything related to the application of electronics (both analog and digital) to the generation, acquisition, processing ...

TVS × 5

transient-voltage-suppressor transient-voltage-suppressors TVS-diode TVS-diodes

Anything about transient voltage suppressor (TVS) devices, also known as TVS diodes. TVS are 2-teminal semiconductor ...

feedback × 5

Anything about feedback theory and applications in electrical engineering. Feedback refers to a series of techniques ...

boost-converter × 5


Analog × 4
LC-network × 5
AC-power × 5
electromagnetism × 5

Anything about the general laws of electromagnetism and related phenomena as applied to electrical engineering.

flyback-converter × 5


Anything about flyback converters, a type of DC-DC converter topology. A flyback converter is a galvanically isolated ...

overvoltage × 5
oscilloscope × 5

oscilloscopes o-scope o-scopes digital-oscilloscope digital-oscilloscopes digital-sampling-oscilloscope digital-sampling-oscilloscopes CRO cathode-ray-oscilloscope cathode-ray-oscilloscopes

Anything related to oscilloscopes (or "scopes", in EE jargon), a kind of electronic test instrument. An oscilloscope is ...

motor × 5

motors electrical-motor electrical-motors

Anything related to electric motors of any kind. An electric motor is an electrical device that converts electrical ...

noise × 5
measurement × 4


relay × 4


Anything about relays. A relay is an electrically-controlled switch that uses an electromagnet to change the position of ...

Induction-motor × 4

induction-motors asynchronous-motor asynchronous-motors

Anything related to induction motors, a.k.a. asynchronous motors. An induction motor is a particular type of electrical ...

cable × 3


3-phase × 4
tank-circuit × 4
DC-DC-conversion × 4

DC-DC-converter DC-DC-converters

Anything related to DC-DC conversion and the circuits used to do it (DC-DC converters). DC-DC conversion refers to the ...

Impedance × 4
control × 4
current-mirror × 4


Anything related to current mirror circuits. A current mirror is a particular kind of current source whose output is ...

arithmetic-circuit × 4


PWM × 4


high-speed × 4


mixer × 3
sensor × 4


Anything about sensors, a very broad class of devices whose purpose is to convert some physical quantity into an ...

C × 3

C-language C-programming-language C-programming

Anything about the C programming language as used in the field of electrical engineering, usually in relation to ...

pi-filter × 4


A particular type of passive filter consisting of three reactive elements of different kind (two capacitors and one ...

datasheet × 4


Anything related to the reading, interpretation and finding of datasheets. A datasheet is the technical term used to ...

small-signal × 3
DAC × 3

digital-to-analog-converter digital-analog-converter

Anything related to DACs (Digital to Analog Converters), electronic devices that can convert a series of numbers into an ...

H-Bridge × 3
load × 2
PMSM × 3

permanent-magnet-synchronous-motor permanent-magnet-synchronous-motors

Anything about permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs), a type of AC electrical motors. A PMSM has the rotor field ...

power-amplifier × 3

Anything about power amplifiers, i.e. amplifiers designed to substantially increase the power level of a signal. Power ...

soldering × 3

Anything about soldering technology, techniques and tools. Please, do not use this tag for questions about welding, which ...

temperature × 3
inductance × 3


Anything about inductance, i.e. the electrical parameter that relates currents and the magnetic flux they generate. ...

resistance × 3


Anything about electrical resistance, i.e. the electrical parameter that relates currents in conductors and the voltage ...

common-mode × 3